Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A year of dinners at Neil's - a photographer's reflection

As the year draws to a close, its good to remember to good memories, and what other better way to remember them through photos.

Perhaps I need to go back to blogging. Been on FB for far 2 long. I need some space to breathe and express myself.

15 may 08
Started upgrading my E510 with a 14-54 and FL50. Alvin lent me his sock, which I still have at this moment.

22 may 08
1st time I met Blake. pretty nice chap with a Sony 350. Chris Lee's last Thursday dinner in Melbourne

29 may 08
Cynthia's friend came over from Melbourne. First time experimenting with Lightroom

6 june 08
Peter and Sandy started joining english class, and Sandy's leaving soon. Yating came to dinner for her first time.

12 june 08
Jay managed to catch a 5 kg salmon, which we ate over the 2 weeks.

27 june 08
Yating brought some friends. Xiao Xi started joining in. Jay was still wearing his Mickey Mouse sweater. Middle of winter. Started the 'crazy group pose'

3 july 08
Edward who stayed in BMH for a while joined in.

17 july 08
For some reason, I can't rembr why the Jay Chou CD was here.

24 july 08
Shiva from Kerrick came. Sharman, 1st yr med student.

7 aug 08
Got my E-3 from ebay for a bargain price. the extra 2mm does make a difference. I don't need to stand so far back for group shots. Lydia Lee from SYFC dropped by for a visit. Singapore National Day.

14 aug 08
Celebrated Korean Independence Day (hence the flag). Jay, Dale, David sang their national anthem. Shiva from Kerrick joined in.

28 aug 08
Found 3 new neighbours - Rex, Tang, 'Middle'. Jason Lin Peijian is an exchange student from China.

18 sept 08
Someone brought his niece and aunty to dinner.Flora joined in. They have a gang - Alex, Eric, Watson, Lulu, Ruby, Michelle who're studying accounting in Melb uni.

2 oct 08
The eve of my birthday. Wasn't much actually. Got sabo-ed with water. Snow gave me a cute-looking sleepy cat. Michelle Kwek was a 1st timer at dinner. Accidentally splashed water on her. First time after a year I was celebrating my birthday a.l.o.n.e. sigh.

23 oct 08
Yen ping's birthday a few weeks later. She had 3 birthday cakes.

30 oct 08
Christian guy from Nepal came. Celebrated Neil's and Khai's b'day.

Trying to follow how this Nikon photographer signs off. - " MORE TK…"



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