Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kuching Yung's Foochow club dinner

As some of you know, I am proudly Foochow and am proud to declare that Kuching Kolo Mee is one of the tastiest and most affordable meals in the world at RM 2.50 (or AUD 0.80), even though I don't speak a shred of my mother tongue.

There are 2 Foochow clubs in Kuching so far, and the Kuching Yung's Foochow club is one of them, despite being the less prominent one. Presumably these associations were formed long ago to protect the interests of the clan. I can think of two advantages of joining clubs like these: joining club dinners and receiving remuneration for good examination results.

I managed to attend a dinner in conjunction with appreciation for the senior members at Crown Hotel on the eve of Chap Goh Meh. For those expecting that I took some food photos, I apologise, because the senior citizens were looking hungrily at the food on the table, and I felt it was rude of me to photograph them and disturb their dinner in the process. But from what I can say, the crispy skin pork was the best I've tasted so far in a long time. The skin was absolutely crispy and it was a sublime feeling to munch into the soft fat and tender pork meat.

The dancing troupe from the Buddhist temple did a splendid job performing in front of all the guests.

Their finale. Quite interesting poses as you can see.

The two oldest association members came up to the podium to cut the cake.

Receiving angpows from the chairperson of the committee. I can't reveal the amount, but from what I can tell you, its pretty handsome :)

Next comes an Arabian dance with very colourful costumes.

The next day for Chap Go Meh, my family had a nice lunch at Sarawak Club. This is a lemon chicken dish for RM 15.

Beef pepper steak. The sauce is nice but I feel the texture of the meat can be improved.

Kangkung belachan

Sweet and sour fish.

Sorry for this long overdue post. But I guess its better to be late than never ;)




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