Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day trip to Fairy Cave

A friend came over from Miri yesterday, and we planned to visit Fairy Cave in Bau. I was there two years ago, and we let some tourists hitch a ride with us.

We started the day with some breakfast at the KTS canteen for some authentic Foochow food. As usual, its mee sua with red wine.

The beef for these noodles are very tender, and it's thick taste is quite appealing.

The steps leading up to the cave are quite slippery and narrow, hence one has to be very careful when doing so. I was especially fearful since I was carrying my tripod and camera equipment!

The little droplets of water running down from the limestone give the cave its extra 'glow' and a magical touch.

The cavern of the cave is quite impressive as sunlight streams in, illuminating the plants and rocks below.

These steps will bring you up the cave, although most of the railings are quite dilapidated. It would never pass an occupational health and safety test in Melbourne.

A guardian fairy oversees the cave.

I applied some off camera flash to light fill the shadows with some detail. Took some tries to get a more natural result.

No thanks to the bulbous front element of the 7-14 and the more reflective nature of light, flare often crept into the edges of the picture, hence constant readjustment of the picture frame was often necessary.

We had the intention to visit Tasik Biru in Bau after ferry cave, but we stopped by for lunch first. (It's blue because of the high levels of arsenic due to mining).

One of the better belachan midins I've tried so far.

Butter chicken. Quite tender and the sauce is pleasant to the tongue.

Fried noodles with some chicken. As tasty as it looks, it lacks one thing - Char siew oil (and char siew of course). Otherwise, everything else is pretty much perfect~

Needless to say, we quickly finished up all the dishes. We only paid RM 24 for this food, including drinks =)

On the way back to town, we passed a Nirvana Memorial Park. It's a rather peaceful looking place nestled among the hills.

For those interested in their packages, this is an indicative amount of whats to be expected ;)

Hope you've enjoyed viewing my little 'excursion'. If you do come over to Kuching and have a few hours to spare, it's definitely worth the visit.


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AnandaSim said...

I like how you have captured the efflorescence of the green vegetation on one of the cave shots. Nirvana is a modern, "clean" solution for funerals - they do all the planning and work, you just pay the money and then there is a fund which is self paying so in the future, you don't have to feed more money to looking after the departed. They sell almost like Amway though.


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