Saturday, March 01, 2008

Wind Cave and Fairy Cave, Bau

Last Wednesday, Alvin and I made plans to visit the Wind Cave and Fairy Cave in Bau

I had cha kueh (carrot cake) for lunch

This is the entrance to the Wind Cave. It doesn't look very impressive from the outside

Looking towards the entrance board walk. I made a mistake by choosing the largest aperture on my SLR to take the photo, hence the view of the cave mouth is over-exposed.

The moment we reached the Fairy Cave, it was raining heavily. You can see streams of water flowing down from the cave's walls, which adds a really nice effect to the picture.

View towards the cave entrance.

There is greenery everywhere in the cave's interior

The viewing platform (to the bottom left) is covered in bird droppings.

The concrete steps and pathways are steep and slippery when it rains

I wonder what Batman would feel if he would make his home here.


YEN XOXO said...

Nice pictures of the Wind and Fairy Cave! =D I hope the condition there isn't too bad for my visit there soon.. LOL!

Anonymous said...

very nice photo...

may i know on saturday (8 september), wind and fairy are open for visit?


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