Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mumba Festival pictures

Here are some pictures I took during the MUMBA Festival

"The Commonwealth Law Courts building consolidates the federal jurisdictions of the High Court, the Federal Court and the Family Court. HASSELL architects has designed a building organised around a 'courts' building and a 'tower' building, to produce an economy of form and function.
The apparent randomness of the building's exterior articulation is a direct expression of the internal demarcations. As a result, all major components of the building are clearly identifiable from the Latrobe and William Street intersection where the building also forms a gateway to Melbourne's legal precinct."

View towards Crown Casino

A busker in action

Looking towards the catheral

Viewing the fireworks from the Arts Center

View of the Eureka tower and the Arts Center from the river bank


darylyeak said...

hey..really nice pictures man.. i was there too on saturday night.. shot the fireworks from the bridge..

Juwen said...

Man, I need a tripod...and a good view...mine kinda sucked =(


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