Sunday, March 02, 2008

Testing the CPL at Friendship Park

Last Thursday, I bought a CPL (Circular Polarizing Filter) from Top Photo, Jalan Abell. So on Friday, I decided to test it out at Friendship Park.

The good thing about this CPL is that it minimizes the reflection from non-metal surfaces such as water and glass windows. Therefore, the colours appear brighter and clearer and the contrast is strengthened.

You can see the effect by looking at the foreground because the colour of the water is deeper, there are less reflections, hence you can see the little fishes swimming on the lower left hand corner of the photo.

The weather was quite cloudy on that day, so I couldn't take much good photos of the sky

Once again, I repeat it is a pity that the buildings and pavillions are still 'closed' and hoarded up by the local council. It is indeed a pity that this is how our city 'maintains' our tourist attractions.



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