Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gold Leaf Chinese Restaurant, Burwood

Yesterday, I went for dimsum lunch at Gold Leaf Restaurant, Burwood. The place wasn't full when we entered, but it became pretty packed about 20 minutes later.

L-R: Juwen, Jon Chau and Renhaw

Beef balls

Pork ribs - bursting with flavour !

Pork dumpling

Fried wontons

Steamed dumplings


Chee cheong fan

Ox tripe

Something that tastes like a meat pie

Mango pudding - simply delicious !

Juwen had a unique fruit dessert, contains honey dew and watermelon

Feeling full..

Our taxi driver

Contact details?

Gold Leaf Chinese Restaurant
155 Burwood Hwy, Burwood East Vic


Aleckii said...

Amazing pictures, make me wish I was there TASTING them instead of over here READING them, haha.

Hey, check out my blog, I posted something about this Chinese New Year Concert we organized here in Russia. I was the co-chairman, muhahahha!

SoNaR said...

Luxurious lifestyle... got taxi driver somemore


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