Sunday, March 07, 2010

Photo walk 7 March '10

Before some of you tear your hairs out over my constant insistence for model shoots, I reckon it would be good for me to post some street shots that I took yesterday near the open air food stalls.

It's rare to find so blue skies in Kuching, and I admit, yesterday was my lucky day. The sun was up brightly in the sky and giving the shop houses their brilliant colours.

People still frequent these traditional vegetable stores as compared to our current style supermarkets.

Welcome to your local fish store. 4 pieces for 5 ringgit. Comes with a  risk of salmonella and other related diseases.

The village folks use alot of these ''van sapu'' to go to and fro from their kampung.

Needless to say, some of the drivers park their vans and inconvenient places, congesting the existing small lanes around the area.

The low angle of the sun helped to create some dramatic shadows and highlights on this wall.

Before I end, here's a pic from today's session.

I usually leave the pictures as they are, but this time I applied some photoshop actions to enhance the whole 'glow' of the image.




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