Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A for apathy

To those who've been wondering where I am, I've just gotten back from Melbourne from shooting a friend's wedding. Several people wished me 'happy holidays', but in reality, I guess its far from that. The cold winds and incessant drizzling sent a chill into my bones. Yes, I did meet up with friends (just for one day), but for most of the time, I'm just feeling so tired. I'm tired from work in Malaysia, and there are several obstacles which I have to get rid off in my life. It's an ironic thing when you just simply blurt out to your friends, 'everything is alright' when in reality it isn't. I guess its just our way in society to keep some distance from friends who might be interested to know more about our ever so private personal lives.

31 August is coming soon. For those who don't know, it commemorates the independence of Malaya (more specifically Peninsula Malaysia) from the British, as opposed to the actual federation of Malaysia comprising Singpapore, North Borneo and Sarawak in 1963.

I recently caught up on a friend's blog after not having the time to read up his updates for a few months. His post is titled - "Happy birthday Singapore", and it sums up the thoughts that I have towards my country's independence day. So here it goes.

Sorry I missed out on the celebration. I really wanted to be there but I was busy doing my part to stimulate your economy by working.

I had got your invitation, though I don’t quite know where it’s gone. it must have gotten lost in my in-pile of things to do, meetings to attend and other goals I’m trying to achieve for the year.

I wanted to buy you a present but times are tough and I’ve got to watch how much I spend. Also with the price of property soaring I think my hard earned cash is better used to save for an HDB apartment one day. I hope you don’t mind. Afterall i don’t want to be a burden to you by being homeless.

I’ve missed so many of your birthdays recently. In fact I’ve been stuck at work so much that I’ve almost forgotten what you look like. Your streets are so clean and vibrant but I just don’t have the time to admire them. I hear from tourists that you’re such a wonderful place to spend time in. One day when I retire I’ll find the time to do so. For the moment I’m just too busy.

Maybe I’ll send you a card one day to apologise for being so thoughtless and selfish. I mean I’m only ever preoccupied by the material things and the gaining of wealth but those things are so shallow. Forgive me, there’s so much more to being a Singaporean but I just haven’t the time to discover what exactly that is right now.

I hope the birthday goes well and that there’s lots of cake to go around. I hope the fireworks are just as beautiful as the newspaper always reports them to be.

I’ll come join in someday.

don’t wait up.



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