Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A melancholic return

Most people would feel excited when the return to a place which they've known for so long and so well. As for me, I wasn't really feeling that way when I flew to Melbourne 2 weeks ago. Its a melancholic feeling indeed.

As the aircraft approached the city, the faint outline of buildings and roads illuminated by street lamps started to appear.

The cold winter rain and wind was a little shock to me because I was just in a very warm place 8 hours earlier. The temperature at nightfall hovers around 5 degrees celcius and it isn't very nice to be outside when its that cold.

Business goes on as usual. The city still looks and feels the same. I have been away for only less than a year. Of course things should appear as they should.

After 830pm, the malls get really quiet. Its an eerie feeling when you walk through them by yourself.

The city has introduced a new bike share system. I'm not sure how these bikes feel when you're riding them, but they definitely are a welcome start to those who're more inclined to conserve our environment.

Although the sun shines brightly most of the day, most folks put on a pair of jeans, shoes and a sweater.

Although its relatively expensive to eat out in Melbourne (10 dollars approx for a dish), I still had the opportunity to try out some old favorites, for example:

Wing Loong's spicy chicken ribs with fried rice. They taste great; unfortunately this dish isn't available in Malaysia.

Freddo's gelati on Lygon Street. Yes, over here its OK to have ice cream in winter :)

There are lots of selections for you to choose from. My favorite is still durian. Just be aware that the strong flavour of the durian may mask the taste and smell of the other flavours that you choose, eg. mango.

We wanted to go to Koko Black for the iced chocolate, unfortunately it was quite full at that time. We settled for the cafe next to it. I had some good old Tassie beer - James Boag. Ahh... its a far more refreshing taste than the Carlsberg and Tiger beer that we brew locally in KL. I've definitely missed Aussie beer since I left Melbourne.

When will I return? Frankly, I don't know. I hope the city will be the same as I know it when I return in probably a decade. I hope I can still roam down the streets while breathing in the fresh air, and find my way around the CBD.

Till then, I can only look and appreciate it from afar. My time in Melbourne has past. Life in Malaysia hasn't been easy for me at all. I have accepted reality and moved on. I will survive.

Goodbye Melbourne.



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