Monday, March 14, 2011

Langkawi | March 2011

Time has been passing very slowly these last few weeks. I just completed a photo shoot yesterday with some friends, after which I'll be sharing some of the images. Other than that, I'm currently reading 'Captured by the Light' by David Ziser.

Its been a long while since I last stepped into Oriental Village. What a refreshing sight indeed to visit this place on a really bright, sunny day :)

After riding the cable car up to Genting Highlands, I conclude that Langkawi has one of the best cable car attractions in Malaysia.

Leaving behind Oriental Village, which looks like a clump of miniature houses.

From my last trip up the mountain, I did not have the chance to visit the skybridge as it was closed due to bad weather.

After walking down a series of stone steps, we finally reach the sky bridge.

The view from the sky bridge is excellent.

Its a pity I didn't get to bring along my ultra wide lens - the Zuiko 7-14 to capture in the scene.

Another highlight of the trip was being able to use my portable Lastolite softbox for an outdoor shoot. It gives out some lovely studio quality light to fill in the harsh shadows from the afternoon sun.
Sometimes, harsh shadows can be a good thing for portraiture, as long as you know how to direct the light on the subject.

Some friends have been commenting that the Canon 85L produces a very nice flare pattern. I'm yet to try it myself though.

After the shoot, we treated ourselves to some nice dessert and drinks.

Hope you've enjoyed this series of photos. If you like them, please spare some time to visit my facebook page, thank you =)


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Funkye said...

love the pic shot using your portable Lastolite softbox..


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