Tuesday, March 29, 2011

When its quiet

Its getting dark and I've just had some nasi lemak ayam for dinner at the local mamak store. Feeling a little full, I take a walk to the playground in the middle of the neighbourhood. It is silent, save for the sound of children playing on the swings while their dad sits quietly at a chair reading his newspaper.

A breeze of cool air is so refreshing after being in an air conditioned environment for the whole day. The playground and adjacent basketball court is quiet. Children and their parents are eating dinner at home while having fellowship at the table while their grandparents are watching chinese drama on TV.

The tasty aroma of stirfried food, the clangs of cooking utensils, and cries for a customers order can be heard from the food outlets. A jogger passes by slowly , presumably trying to burn a few calories before having dinner afterwards. The harsh light emitted my passing vehicles shine brightly into the night.

I take some time to reflect upon the various occurrences that happened today.

A friend described to me that a lady is distributing flyers to passersby nearby my workplace, desperately trying to get hold of her lost dog. (The poor mutt escaped from her house because she forgot to close the gate). She came to our shop yesterday afternoon, distraught and teary eyed, seeking help for a flyer to be written up for distribution. Her boyfriend of course was less sympathetic, wondering in his mind why on earth is he being ignored just for the sake of a dog. Of course, yours truly had to be involved, and I had to take some time off from my regular work to design a simple ad for her. Seeing such a sad soul, it is indeed hard to be truthful to her. The chances of finding her dog once more are very slim, despite the generous reward offered.

I also posted on my facebook status that I "just had a close encounter with the long arm of the law by selling a camera to a police officer. He was being difficult at first, but fortunately nothing happened. Whew..."

A few friends were confused as to what I was trying to say. Let me elaborate. Because my colleague and I were a bit late to serve this 'top brass' police officer of a certain race, he called us derogatory phrases like " You will not be around in 7 days if you ignore me" and " You think you are so rich, that's why you're not serving me?". Its as if we were freshly caught criminals undergoing interrogation in a police station. His comments are wholesomely inappropriate, especially when he is in full uniform.Such is the repulsive behaviour of our royal malaysian police, who are supposed to adhere to the motto "tegas, adil dan berhemah (firm, fair and prudent)". No wonder so many unwanted things can happen when you're in police custody, even though you're not officially charged for a crime. :s

Of course, I'm not generalising the whole force, but some certain individuals who think they're superior to us just because they are at at the top of the food chain as compared to the common citizen. I pray that I wouldn't have to go through this ever again.


Such is my day on 28 March 2011. Good evening everyone.


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Richard Ling said...


typical malaysia..

nice photos, btw. *like*


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