Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ceramah DAP at Jalan ss2/72

A small DAP ceramah was held at the goverment apartments next to ss2 mall yesterday evening. A small crowd came, comprising residents of the flats and the nearby residential areas. No big guns here - YB Rajiv representing Bukit Gasing and Yeo Bee Yin (candidate for Damansara Utama) came to give short ceramahs to the attendees. 

Typical for DAP ceramahs, there was a proper video crew, mobile stage, lights, and on site personnel to ensure the live streaming to went about smoothly. 

Of course one of the consolations of attending a ceramah here is the free food and mineral water, which you don't get when attending larger ceramahs.

 For a Masters' graduate, I was surprised Yeo Bee Yin wasn't that fluent in the Malay language. But she is still to be applauded for making effort nonetheless. You can read more about Yeo's involvement in politics here.

 I can't recall the name of this speaker, but he was an ISA detainee. Other than shouts of 'ubah' and 'reformasi', I expected more from someone of his calibre. But I guess the small crowd was just happy to hear the short story.

Perhaps I should have said this earlier, but I didn't plan to attend the ceramah tonight as I had a bad flu. But on the way driving home, I recalled that the ceramah was very near my house and made a stop instead. Indeed my insticts were correct.

I reckon not all ceramahs have to be big with thousands or hundreds of supporters. Even a small one can make a difference to the local community and help to influence their decision making on 5th May. And that's what really matters.




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