Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Korea Trip Day 3

The third day of our trip was a Sunday. We had to get up at the ungodly hour of 5.30am for prayer meeting downstairs in the main hall. Because it was conducted in Korean (duh!), I had a hard time to keep myself awake !
 At 7am, we were to fill our stomachs in the church canteen with some preserved spicy vegetables...

... as well as some kimchi pork soup.

If my mom wasn't an avid fan of bread making, I'd certainly wouldn't mind having rice for breakfast.

The air was still chilly when I stepped out of the church. I made my way to the back alleys hoping to find something to shoot in the early morning sun.

South Korea's version of 7 Eleven.

Even their telephone poles are so complicated..

Immanuel Methodist Church has 2 services - one at 9am, and the other at 11am. Our troupe was to perform at both events before we had to rush out to the bus for a trip down south.

Immanuel Mthodist is really big. The worship hall successfully maintains its traditional appearance while at the same time incorporates modern technology for the Sunday worship.

 The church choir is large - at least a 100 strong.

Dad was very impressed with the choir conductor and the use of brass instruments.

This is the Reverend's son who also happens to be the senior pastor of the church.

 After the sermon was the music performance from our group.

 During the trip down south, we visited a small church in the country side.

They welcomed us warmly with desserts and fruits. The mini oranges and strawberries were very sweet and juicy !

Performance number 3 of the day.

 Apparently Reverend Peter and this pastor were good friends since bible college.

Group photo for the road.

We arrived in another town after being in the bus for an hour.

 We thought we were getting down from the bus, but were sent instead to our accommodation for the evening.

Its in the hills with lots of trees everywhere.

We hauled our bags up the hill to the log cabins, only to find out that the resort proprietor had the keys missing -_-"

Our mates for the night.You can notice my purple bag at the balcony because we couldn't check into the cabins yet.

Nonetheless we returned to the church for a nice homemade meal of beef stew with glass noodles.

Cute dance by the kids.

 Performance number 4. Looks like the folks love what we do :)

 Last group photo for the day.

Before we headed back to the accommodation in the hills, the church pastor generously sponsored a pair of socks for each of us in the tour group. What a blessing !

The story doesn't end here. Back at the log cabins, it was to our dismay that the water heater was not functioning. However I couldn't have a good rest feeling icky, so I dared myself to take a shower in sub zero water.

Although I only sprayed a little bit of water on my head, it felt like my head was going to split into two. Fortunately I managed to complete my shower despite taking a longer time than usual. Hurrah ! be continued...



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