Thursday, February 19, 2015

Langkawi revisited 2015 - Day 1

I had a holiday to fill from 10 - 12 February 2015. But unlike my last leave where I slept at home the whole day, I decided to be a little more productive and make a return trip to Langkawi. No regrets though - the flights were cheap even though I bought them the day before.

I planned my trip to KLIA2 differently this time. I drove down to Putrajaya interchange, where I parked my car. It's only RM4 a day (for covered parking, mind you) and after that I took the train to the airport (1 way RM6.50).

I reached Langkawi about 9am. The rental car was already waiting for me - the owner put the keys above the front driver's wheel. Apparently its very safe in Langkawi to do so. Hence I drove down myself to Kuah town for the budget inn.

I was supposed to stay at Altis Hotel, but after seeing two Bangla workers, I changed my mind and decided to head to the hotel next door - Chomel. The inn keeper also offered me a good deal - 60 bucks a night (it was low season).  I said I wanted to stay for a night, with an option to extend the following day.

As you can see, the room is pretty small, but at least it has everything that you need - attached toilet, TV, WIFI. Still OK considering I would only be returning to the room to sleep.

Spent the whole afternoon sleeping. Was too tired to do anything as I woke up that morning at 3am.

Made arrangements that evening for dinner at Sun Cafe, Pantai Chenang. The leaf and flower add a nice touch for the service and the waiters were polite.

 Pina colada.

I had the chicken parmigiana. It was 'okay'.

She had the pan fried barracuda, as usual.

Total bill came up to RM100. For drinks and mains, I think its pretty reasonable.

We went over to Awana Porto Malai after that for drinks. Happy hour is buy 1 free 1 so I got a Bombay Sapphire.



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