Thursday, February 19, 2015

Langkawi revisited 2015 - Day 3

Well it was the last day of my short trip. Got out of the hotel before 10am and decided my trip wasn't complete without photographing the big eagle.

Looking towards Kuah Town. On the right you can see Baron Hotel. The building in grey is still under construction because it was the site of a temple. I guess they finally got them to move.

A popular hot spot for tourists to chill.

The fountain is in an utter state of disrepair. The local council couldn't give a damn about it, I suppose.

Had brunch at the Nasi Kandar shop in town.

I remembered paying 9 bucks for the meal and drink. Food in Langkawi has never been cheap - in fact its already increasing. Sigh.

That's all for my short escapade so far. I'll be back, in a few more years I hope.



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