Thursday, February 19, 2015

Langkawi revisited 2015 - Day 2

Woke up the next morning at 730am because I was supposed to go for island hopping activities. By the way its only RM30 for 3 venues - Pulau Bras Basah, eagle feeding and Pulau Dayang Bunting. I arranged it through the guy who settled my car rental. 

If you want his contact, it's 0164606003 (Fakrul). He's a freelance tour agent and he can arrange pretty much everything for your stay in Langkawi. However, because he's 'freelance', you have to give some leeway as he is not very punctual and doesn't answer his phone all the time, which can be frustrating.

Damn blue skies - something you don't see in KL often.

Oh, I forgot to mention I brought along the 5DIII for my trip this time, hence the pretty blue skies.

We eventually started the island hopping around 1030am. Pretty late, but sufficient time nonetheless to do our selected activities.

Finally, Pulau Bras Basah - as pristine as it was when I first saw it more than 4 years ago. I should knock myself on the head for not taking the initiative to do island hopping more often.

The water is so clear!

I noticed a couple of Chinese tourists getting a little too excited picking up dead sea cucumbers. Oh well.

Endless stretch of white, fine sand.

Next stop is Pulau Dayang Bunting.

They currently charge a RM5 entrance fee to fund the island's development activities, which in this image is the colourful flags and yellow painted pillars.

The lake is an ancient crater. It's also quite deep, so you can only jump inside with a life jacket.

If you're concerned about the deep waters, you can play here in the man made shallow pool.

After lumch at KFC, I decided to be a hero and visit Langkawi cable car. There's the new Saga BLM which I rented for RM60 per day. No deposit required ;)

 Perdana Quay. Somehow this time the place is boarded up which kinda sucks.

 A pitiful horse at Oriental Village Langkawi.

Going up the cable car is RM20. However on the day I went, there was a whole group of Indians, presumably from a conference so I had to wait a while to go up when it's usually quite fast to do so.

It was a wonderfully hot afternoon to be up there.

 Perdana Quay from above.

Oriental village from above.

 When I was up there, I realised that the RM20 I paid for cable car didn't include a pass to the Skybridge. So yet again, I felt sohai and paid RM5 for the ticket.

However, the cost wasn't an issue for me - it was the darn 30 minute hike down a rickety forest trail required to get to the other side of the bridge! With a loaded camera backpack, I was huffing and puffing like a choo choo train when I finally managed to get to the other side to climb the bridge.

 When you look downwards it can be quite daunting.

 Workers were on the bridge, making sure all the required renovations were in place.

 The last call to visit the skybridge is at 5pm, and it closes at 6pm. It didn't' leave me with a great deal of time to relax and catch my breath.

New glass plates were installed too.

At night, I had a simple seafood dinner in Kuah. I was exhausted at the end of the day but I still slept after midnight.



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