Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2 weeks before christmas

before I start, here's a message sponsored by Olympus.. not! -


... if you want to know more, please refer to my previous posts.

formalities aside, this post is dedicated to certain groups of people:

1. people who DONT have facebook

2. people who want to know how I'm doing, but whom I'm too lazy to update (intentionally or unintentionally)

3. people who happen to stumble upon my blog n wonder what the heck is this guy who loves olympus all about.

Alright... its 2 weeks before Christmas, and everyone's having fun back home, eating char kuay teow, gu bak mee, kolo mee, chicken rice, and whatever else that makes me drool in the mouth while i'm suffering the effects of self-imposed e.x.i.l.e., for reasons I shall not mention here..

What on earth am I doing down here all by myself (well, not literally - i still have a group of people called F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) ?!!

btw the pics are arranged chronologically

had housewarming dinner at Pei Ling's place last friday. good to meet up with carlton peeps after 11 days in Adelaide.

eating round the coffee table

pei ling with a special musical presentation

celebrated charles' and joceline's bday

unfortunately, life goes on regardless what happens.
prahran station after helping james get a new 40d

church christmas break up. basically a large pot luck dinner with some carols, games and sharing

Next day in church, melvin invited a few returnees to the stage to say their goodbyes and receive their souvenirs. a rather *tearful event for some, considering some of them have been in melbourne for at least 7 years.

after the service, went for lunch a dessert house on swanston st

some kuay teow dish with chicken and egg sauce

1 of my favourites at any typical hongkee cafe - spicy chicken ribs on rice

seafood egg chiffon on rice

caught up with james ser (& his beloved 40d) after lunch for a photowalk in st paul's

it's a nice place, but a tad bit crowded considering its proximity within the city. i always thought of large churches as non-ending receivers of money due to the need to maintain their fabulous worship facilities

its a favourite hang-out spot for couples too

i gotta learn how to look up more

james was amazed that i could get sharp photos while he was struggling to do so even at iso 800. took some time to explain that I had in-body IS, with the help of an f2 lens.

captain latrobe - "paint my fancy a** ! "

I am (or rather, I was) a quarter pounder

I am a coke can

a fancy bridal car. kinda wished cheng long would get a car like this. it rocks!
i swear i saw wall- e down in degraves lane!

alright, maybe not, but i think this is close enough

Well, pretty full on weekend eh? Oh well, these past few days, I've been rotting at home editing pictures so that you guys can view them on this blog! I've still got a backlog of several thousand photos from adelaide, and i'm shooting some friend's graduation in rmit and melbourne uni later today..

I don't have a life - or rather, my camera is my life. Her name is 'Kim'. Perhaps I just have an affinity with names starting with 'K'.




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