Monday, December 29, 2008

Sayonara to Dale

Had a farewell dinner for Dale @ Sofia's. He's one of the Korean guys who comes to our OCF Discovery Group. Took a while for the fact to sink in that he's been with us since March 07, and he's leaving tomoro.

Dale & Van, such a "schweet" couple.. i wonder if i'll get the opportunity to take their wedding photos.

the icecream looks huge - it's as big as mei2's head ! :p

aunty boz likes to play with her jie2 and get their fingers all sticky with icecream!

unker bing and aunty pei ling like to share icecream with unker jack and unker joshua

mei2 looks so cute when she pouts. i always get the feeling she looks more like her dad.

jie2 likes to play with the camera and have fun with unker bing

aunty PL likes to squeeze mei2's chubby cheeks

aunty yen ping likes pose with mei2

come on.. who's tongue is longer here?

rawr.. who's scarier ?

mei2 likes to make her eyes look funny

ooo mei2 just smelt sth ...

if you think that all looks hilarious, have a look at this...

jie2 likes to make scary faces with uncle gavin and uncle chris !

let's not forget the old group photo

uncle dale will miss jie2 alot when he's back in korea




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