Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Day trip to Otways National Park

Made a trip to the Otways 2 days ago with Melv & family + aunty OL

1st, a hearty meal of hokkien mee

followed by a tiring 2 hour walk to the waterfalls

only to find that we got a sucky view from a viewing platform and could not approach the waterfall at all

it was also the same with the triplet falls

We made one last attempt at Hopetoun Falls which was a short 10 mins drive away

Fortunately this waterfall is worth a visit because we could go relatively close to it!

i tried to play with some camera modes to get the 'soft, silky effect' without the aid of any ND filters and a tripod. usually 1/5 - 1/15 of a second on shutter priority mode (with a very steady hand) is sufficient to get the desired effect.

the other side of the falls

a slack macro attempt of local flowers @ f2

we happened to stumble upon a 'plantation' of californian redwoods, one of the tallest trees in the world

it doesn't look substantial from the outside, but once you're within, its an oasis of silence and tranquility

its so peaceful, and as the sunlight filters through the canopy, you get shimmers of light reaching the forest floor.

i tried some poses with jie2

mei2 loves to pose, and gosh, what a lovely model i've got here! :p

i could spend the whole day meditating here if i really wanted to

a quiet river flows through the forest

playing hide and seek with the trees

mei2 looks so happy. its rare considering she frowns most of the time in my previous attempts to photograph her

the quality of light was just... beautiful. simply perfect! i couldn't ask for more.

my favourite shot of the day with jie2. thanks to all those who've taken time to comment

its a wonder that the trees have grown that tall since they were planted 70 years ago

now for some group shot fun, with aunty OL's glasses!

trying a toyota brochure worthy shot of Melv's mpv

we stopped at one of the beach towns for fish and chips

mei2 was pretty insistent on having a ride at the fun fair, so we had to oblige

more later, TK, and happy new year!



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