Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year at Docklands

Based on a last minute decision, a couple of us from the English Class / DG decided to have a mini picnic in Docklands yesterday while we watched a couple of movies in conjunction with the New year celebrations.

We were finding directions to the movie theater but we got lost in the process, no thanks to the volunteers over there. Oh well, while waiting, might as well snap a pic.

the cow in the tree

finally sitting down for a meal

this is a scene around 845pm looking towards bolt bridge. pretty scenic in my opinion after the sun disappears out of sight

first session of fireworks at 915

the fireworks were discharged from a 'boat' in the middle of the river

some long exposure shots. boats were sailing in and out of the harbor with partying revelers on them.

i love the 7-14. 14mm in 35mm terms is obscenely wide in my opinion. you can see the nab bank on the left and the bolt bridge on the right.

there was a huge party going on in Telstra Dome at the same time

view of the brige 'underneath' the sculpture

the fireworks exploded at midnight. i used the 35-100 for this fearing i did not have enough reach, but I wished I had the 12-60 on.

the fireworks kept getting bigger and bigger until the end (i did not add the fireworks at the end, too many of them cause the picture to be over-exposed).

those who stayed right to the end, watching 'made of honor'




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