Friday, January 30, 2009

Chinese New Year eve

I'll try to make this post quick and simple, since the heat wave is here - meaning i've had trouble sleeping, and i can't be bothered to make an elaborate post

the games have started, and the last semi match will be on this evening - featuring Nadal, one of the most fearsome tennis players around.

enjoying a moment under the shade

i was hoping that Crown would put on a better show other than lanterns, but I don't think its fair for me to expect anything more

the exhibition center is currently undergoing extensive renovations

all of us had a nice steamboat at L's place

a & m got some meatballs from footscray, which you can clearly see floating here

L kindly provided us angpows. They look really cute

L & L.. you can imagine how pampered this cat is

L in his natural habitat

L didn't look happy to see me, thats for sure

to be fair, the bounce flash was hurting L's eyes (plus it took several shots to get this right)

Now back to sleep.. its almost 430 am

1 Comment:

robin said...

I miss those get together sessions with my chinese/malaysian mates in perth, especially the ocf-ers...
ahhaa the cat is so adorable !!! God knows what i will do to the cat with my camera if i was there LOL


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