Friday, January 23, 2009

E-3 combos on : musings

I was reading shutterbug.. an online photography magazine when I saw the adverts on this website for combos on the Olympus E-3 system.

I shall attempt to analyse in simple arithmetic whether these combos are really worth its price

E-3 + 14-54 + 18-180 + FL 36 R + a bunch of crap = $3383.03 RRP
My calculations:1300+ 370+390+180= 2240
meaning there's $1143 in extra expenditure for all these other crap, which shouldn't cost more than 600 dollars.

E-3 + 11-22 + 18-180 + FL36R= $3383
i calculate 1300 + 620 + 390 + 180 = $2490
which leaves $893 for the miscellaneous
the 18-180, despite being a convenient superzoom lens has received poor reviews online, so I wonder why would anyone mount this lens on their beloved e-3 only to find out that the quality of their pics are below par. you can read the review about this lens here

E-3 + SWD combo + FL36R = $5100 RRP
i calculate 1300 + 850 +1000+ 180 = 3330
which leaves 1770 for a bunch of crap.. hrmm.. the margin for profit just keeps getting larger. its a wonder why they can't include a FL-50R since its already a 'pro' package at this stage

it gets even better with this!
E-3 + 35-100 + 50-200 (old model) + FL 50R = $7024 RRP
my calculations: 1300 + 2000 + 1000 + 380= 4680
which leaves $2344 for a bunch of crap.
what i can't understand is, even though they added in a 35-100, the price of the package is a whole 2 grand more than the SWD package, and they can't even put a 50-200SWD version inside it!

this is the ultimate rip off package for the E-3
for $7000, someone might as well get the E-3 SWD combo package and get the 35-100 on its own.

are my price comparisons credible? look for yourself at this little list i've compiled here from tristate camera (on january 09):

a deal or unnecessary expenditures? i guess the answer's quite clear now.




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