Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a barbeque with the Olympus Zuiko 35-100mm f2

we had an ocf bbq a few days ago, so i decided to do some candid portraits with the 35-100. the lighting conditions were perfect; we had late afternoon sun, but all of us were under the shade of the trees.

B looks pleasantly happy

W, S & D posing

G loves his chips

we had some garlic bread

& honey flavoured chicken wings.. the taste was heavenly!

okay... for all of you pixel peepers, this is a full sized picture for you to decide whether this lens is sharp enough for your needs. perhaps its even better/ comparable to the canon 70-200 f/4 L lens

a father's love never fades

mei2 looks really sleepy and grumpy

uncle V is always around. he cooks really well!

listening to some music while bbq-ing

garlic bread with dips. yum!

sy and m

k& m

s eating e's brownies. tastes pretty good to me

remember those ice lolipops we had when we were kids?

a showing his mischevious side. m looks.. er.. a little reluctant

a solo advertisement.. kindly assisted by m & j

G likes to illustrate how big the 35-100 really is

listening intently to what other ppl say while eating

everyone starts getting wacko when playing with playground equipment

up and down we go...

and round and round.. till we drop!


who's there?

c trying to test the limits of his flexibility

k joins in too

shooting at iso 1600 is really for emergencies only. you can clearly see noise effects, even on a pic this small

ocf carlton summer program starts this friday, same time & place. stay tuned!



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