Friday, January 02, 2009

My first wedding assignment part 2

Alright... as promised, this is a continuation of my previous post on CL's and SA's wedding

receiving the bride.. drats, i wished they were looking my way.

walking towards the platform

danson reads a bible verse

ah... i love the 35-100 wide open

striking a smile while seated

M presents his sermon

a shot i rehearsed a day before the wedding. perhaps i should've zoomed in closer

xchanging vows

..and rings

.. and signing the contract (okay, i'll try not to make it sound so mundane!)

the 2 pop's from both sides signing the book

ah... the awaited moment - "now you can kiss the bride! " too bad i triggered the shutter a moment before their lips met"

walking down the aisle as husband & wife

okay.. i admit this shot was staged.. but there wasn't mch of a choice.. i wouldn't want them to repeat it in front of the audience again, would i? ;)

the quintet

i wonder what D is trying to do...

the bride's family. they sure came in bus loads!

love this pose

a group pics with some OCFers. more to come later!


ven said...

Hey Brandon, if you are into wedding photography, try going to Her wedding shots are nothing short of amazing.

ven said...

and I don't think I will ever need the 14-35mm. I guess for my usage, the 12-60mm will be suffice. Still, that's like RM3000 or 600GBP. Need to get a job first.


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