Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lunar festival, Richmond

Following some successful pics at the Gaza Rally last Sunday, J and I made our way down to the Midsumma Festival at Alexandria Gardens.

For those who aren't familiar with what this festival is, its supposed to be a family-friendly gay / lesbian festival.

In case for those who know me, I am straight. I'm just looking for some photographic opportunities during these events.

I really thought that it was a family-friendly festival, until I saw in horror one of their stage shows: 2 lesbians took of their tops and sucked each others' plastic c***s in front of the whole audience.

One of the cross dressers sang pretty well, actually. They even have their own dedicated radio channel.

There were plenty of side-businesses set up during the event. I noticed gays were passionate about some things - retro clothings, AIDS awareness, pets, swimware and music

For those interested in BDSM, imagine your whole torso glad-wrapped (with extra ropes) with a mask put over your face, and standing in the middle of the field with thousands of bystanders looking at you. Nup.. not in a lifetime for me.

I didn't take lots of pictures here, so J and I went off to the lunar festival on Victoria Rd, Richmond.

Lots of rides for the kids while parents look on

standing on the shoulders of giants

playing a fluffy toy that looks like it just appeared from Sesame Street.
kinda reminds me of Elmo, though.

one of the ah peks singing a traditional Vietnamese song.

hawkers busy at work serving customers

there were some cultural performances too

a traditional dance by the older girls

my favourite picture of the series. here face and pose seem so serene, and the spot metering helped to retain detail in the shadow areas.

another classic pose

next came the r & b hip hop groups

the f2 aperture helps alot to freeze motion - i was getting 1/500 - 1/2500 of a second exposures.

someone commented she had a bad hair day. lol

a recording company with one of their singers presenting some songs in english. quite admirable, actually.

soft toys on display for the games.

lots of fried food at the stalls here: sausages, fishballs, chicken skewers, fried calamari. reminds me of the open air markets back home.

she was looking right at me when i took the shot. Scary!!

some chinese new year decos

i thought these flowers were real at first.

for those who go to these fests on an empty stomach.. be wary! the smell of freshly barbequed meat will certainly tempt your senses!

thats all from me for a friday night / early sat morning. I will be in Box Hill later today for the CNY celebrations there and the fireworks.

until then, laters!


lynn-w said...

hey! wow...great pictures!! i saw some in facebook and these are so great too! did u take up classes for photography? or just learnt it by urself?

happy chinese new year!!!


Anonymous said...

wow these pictures are pretty..
great photography ;D

oh and im in two of them!
im the 'serene' looking one
you must have great skills to make the picture look great:)


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