Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thanks for all the good times

Hey, Brandon!

You never know how much I love you. (not sexually.. u know.. and I'm not drunken) Ok.. At first I'd liek to say sorry that I always talked rubbish. heheh.. but that's what I always do, you know.. (some of my ex-classmates totally agreed). It's one of the most important characters of myslf. I belive you understand me, and thank you for understanding! (Oh.. Am I talking.. again?! sorry x 100)

I think I'm so blessed that I know you. you don't talk so much, but always supportive. Yeah. hey, that's what the real guy does!

Thank you so much for always cooking for us, helping me, teaching me, scolding me (..), yelling at me. (.....), every thing! (+ taking pics, driving, lending laptop..) Dude, you did so important things for me! Especially.. Some pieces of advice.. It was so thoughtful.

Oh.. I'm gonna miss you a lot.
Hope you'll get a pretty girlfriend, improve character (as your resolution).. and don't miss me too much, hehe. Really hope see you again!

God bless you!




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