Saturday, December 27, 2008

A busy christmas week

Had a good, busy christmas week filled with catching up with friends and non-stop eating. Some snapshots of I filled up my time (and stomach with)

Went out for a photowalk with khai and lydia

decorations in the fed square atrium on xmas day

a rare australian pine promoted as a christmas tree

good ole' bbq lamb shank

hokkien mee - absolutely miss it!

roast chicken

turkey thigh. its not hard to cook a whole turkey - it usually turns out very dry and tough

sponge cake topped with strawberries

catching up with friends is good

putting gifts under the tree for the gift exchange

most got chocolates

some were very happy with their gifts

some had an odd look on their face

the future cricketer for aussie

the last candidate receives his gift

its a good time for family photos

and friends too

never forget the wii as soon as its available!

all good things must come to an end anyway... in preparation for 2009!!

have a nice weekend everyone :)



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