Friday, May 28, 2010

The storm

When was the last time you fought for something so hard? I just did. I thought I was doing things right. I thought I've learnt well from two years ago. I thought lightning doesn't strike the same place twice.

Obviously not. Its a huge slap in the face when all your efforts are unrequited. It's a nail biting, gut wrenching experience, and you wonder why you bothered to do all those things in the first place. They say after a storm comes a calm, but I don't think I'll ever see it.

I hope my love for photography will bring me through this time, as always.


hankazoid said...

Good luck. I know what you're going through and as bleak as it may seem I can assure you, you'll get over it.

robin said...

hey brandon,

It is during the storm that we learn to trust in Him more than ever.

Stay strong in faith, and above all, stay strong in prayers.
We may seem helpless, and hopeless when the storm hits, but He will see us through all.
Do not be swayed by the wind, and stay firm on the rock which He has set our roots on.
Whatever difficulties you are going through, you have my prayers.
I sincerely hope the skies will be blue again.


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