Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wet breakfast

It's raining this morning. My bro and I drove across the road to Premier 101 for breakfast. The cafe is supposedly own by someone from St Joseph's church, and is absolutely packed on Sundays for lunch.

The teh si peng looks good. Not many of the shops put a layer of sweet pandan juice nowadays.

No doubt, today is a bit chilly for cold drinks. But at least it tastes alright.

 A local kuih

Not your typical kolo mee. This one has both char siew and roasted pork for RM4. I wouldn't mind recommending

Perhaps one of the most ordinary tasting kampuas I've had for sometime (unlike the one at KTS). The char siew was sliced very thinly, and the dish as a whole lacked flavour.

The shop was filled with office workers from all around Kuching.

It's also very clean and had decent timber tables and chairs.

It's a pity that the food at some of the newer cafes here aren't up to par with the older establishments. But nonetheless, I do recommend that you give it a try, if I can remember its name!



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