Saturday, June 07, 2008

its hard to be superman

An excerpt from the movie 'resurrecting the champ', '07

A writer, like a boxer must stand alone.
Having your words published, like entering a ring, puts your talents on display.
And there's nowhere to hide.
I never intended to write a story about myself... or my son. Or about love...
Or the lies that can sometimes come from love.
We live in that fear
I will tell you this about the man I called Champ..whom everybody called Champ.
He was, against all reason, my friend.
And he was also a liar
But was that because he was trying to make himself better than who he was
Or was it because the one force more powerful
than a son wanting the admiration of his father...
is the father wanting the admiration of his son?
Sometimes we need the help of our imagination to achieve that status
For it is no easy task being the strongest, wisest and most beloved man in all the land
And what is sadder is that moment when our children discover that we are not the illusory superman we've created..
but rather, as Herman Melville once wrote, "men drained of valor"
The lies that come from love can devastate as much as those that come from malice
Champ's legacy, I suppose is the inspiration for truth.
A beauty that lets our children admire us unconditionally as I love my son.

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