Sunday, June 21, 2009

OH.. the agony

Kim and I have been together since the middle of last year. I got her from the ebay flea market, and we've been soaring ever since.

We've been to countless dinners (at my neigbour's), OCF meetings, public events at Federation Square, camps, and many others.

Its beena joyful and fruitful experience, which has enabled me to launch my photography hobby to newer heights.

With Kim, I've gotten to do my first wedding assignment to a standard which impressed my clients.

With Kim, I wake up at insane hours in the morning to watch the sun rise...

or stay up in the evening for sunsets, which means postponing my dinner too late...

She also enabled me to meet lots of other people with the same interest... which is good, since it helps me to hone my EQ skills

Sometimes other people aren't nice at all to Kim, saying that the rest of her siblings are all crap...

.. and will not have a future in this competitive, back-stabbing world.

That's fine with me.

I've invested so much of my blood, sweat and tears in her, because I believe in what I do.

...And there's no turning back from now.

Kim's makers claim she can survive 150 thousand clicks, which I wholeheartedly used to believe.

But today she stopped at 70k, and where else does she fail other than one of the most widely publicized fashion shows in Kuching :S

Perhaps this is Kim's way of saying: I've a mid life crisis, leave me alone!

Well, i too can't believe that Kim failed too that early..

Maybe she got fed up of me shooting models, so she wants me as her one and only.

I guess its time to take out Little Kim for the meantime while Big Kim's away...




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