Thursday, June 25, 2009

World Harvest Festival 2009 - Miss Spring

Before the World Harvest Festival finals at the Sarawak Cultural Village, the Spring management in conjunction with the Sarawak Tourism Board organised a pageant on May 17th to pick out one of the contestants to represent ''Miss Spring'', which is kinda cool, I guess.

For the first part, all the contestants wore traditional Iban dresses.

Janet Bennet needs no introduction here.

Wan Noorsabila

Jeniffer Carterina

Durin Ak. Edward Jalani

Anglia Hendry

Mylene - the only international contestant (she's from the Philippines).

Atiqah Nur Fatma - the most capable singer of the lot.

Suziella Adiela hails from Miri, hence reinforcing my perceptions that Miri has some pretty looking girls too.

While waiting for the judges to make their decisions, the performers from the Cultural Village staged a little show.

This dude is picking up a 20 kg ''lesung'' with his bare teeth and danced around with it.

I love my teeth too much, so no thanks from me to do something like this!

The traditional Iban warrior fills his blowpipe with poisonous darts on a hunting trip.

The hornbill's feathers is prized for its numerous uses, including making the fans used by this artiste.

And.. we're back! The girls look quite relaxed and formal in their jeans and mini-T attire.

I like those big curls Jennifer is sporting on her hair.

And as expected, Ms. Janet wins the title of Miss Spring once again.

Gosh.. I love these skin tones.. I'm missing Kim once again :(



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