Saturday, June 13, 2009

World Harvest Festival 2009 - the good, the bad and the ug*y

I bought a RM25 ticket to see the Miss World Harvest Festival at the Sarawak Cultural Village last month.

* I apologise if some pics look underexposed or too bleached out. I was on manual mode, and it was tough to adjust the exposure when the lights were changing all the time.

The night kicked off with a traditional Iban dance performed by all the contestants.

Following that was a question time session and presenting themselves before the panel of judges.

The first contestant was Janet Bennet, a tall 19-year-old Kayan lass. I was very surprised (aka. dissapointed) that the organisers couldn't secure an air-conditioned hall for the event, hence the beads of sweat dripping down her chin as you can see here. Mind you, the Iban attire that they're wearing is very warm, thick and tightly bound around their bodies!

Even though she is the favourite among all the candidates, Janet looks totally unphotogenic during this time - what a turn off!

Wan Noorsabila Bt. Wan Zaizuddin appears very composed here, but scroll further down the page and you'll know what I mean later...

One of my favourites for the runner ups - Jennifer Carterina AK Gilbert Apun. She has a very pretty face.

Durin AK Edward Jalani engaged the audience with a spirited welcome speech.

The Miss World Harvest website listed her occupation as IBAN. How I wish job descriptions were this simple!

Next comes the more petite-figured Anglia Henry

Efaliza Bt Abdul Hamid. I was thinking that her eyes were photoshopped during her studio shoot..

Atiqah Nur Fatma Bt Nor. Her english sounds pretty decent.

Alina Eleen Urai AK Gabria

Now thats what I call a winning smile courtesy of Suziella Adilla Bt Suhaili.I wonder why does she look more stunning here compared to the WHV website...

Nursheima Bt Hasnan

I can imagine the contestants cursing to themselves why isn't the show ending any earlier :p

While the judges make their decisions , the audience was entertained by several dances from various international groups.

If you like the idea of girls being swung around like playground equipment to the sound of Indian percussions, you'd like this...

After several more performances which I did not include here, the winner of "Miss Talent World Harvest Festival", Atiqah Nur Fatma Bt Nor sang her version of a Linkin Park song.

Right before the judges announced the winners, there was a concluding performance by the contestants to the tune of "Your My Everything" (remember the old songs your dad used to sing?). Not my cup of tea unfortunately.

The subsidiary title of ''Miss Beautiful Eyes" was won by Jennifer Carterina. And I do agree that her eyes are the most attractive out of the lot..

From left, Miss Traditional costume , and to the right, Miss Voters Favourites (duh!)

Atiqah won the Miss Congeniality title for being able to sing. I guess it ain't so bad if the other contestants are only singing half as good as you are!

Now THIS i don't understand... Wan Noorasabila Bt Wan Zaizuddin was crowned 2nd runner up. I thought it was mentioned that 50 percent of the marks were attributed to physical beauty!... Bummer..

So there you go... the winner, first and second runner up of the Miss World Harvest Festival 2009 in full glory.

Goodbye, and see you next year!


Anonymous said...

Hello. My 1st time here. Hopped over fron danielliew's. Love your photos. Just curious but why so many binte's? I thought they're not allowed to join beauty contests? Haram! Maybe not so strict over this side...but the winners! Eyew... LOL!!!

Khen Lim & Marianne Loh said...

oh dear my mother cantik than them la... just.... short only hehehe..

Anonymous said...

Being part of the judges, I assume that you made your judgement irrationally. 1st of all, what I can clearly see from your writing here is you did not understand the deeper meaning of beauty itself. You even sounds like you don't like the Bumi to win any place in this competition. I also believe that you were frustrated because your favourite contestant did not win any title for the top 3. Well she is beautifull indeed. But to be just beautiful is not enough and it can't guarantee her to win the title. If you can recall back during her self presentation and QnA, she really spoilt her beauty face being a beauty with no brain. 1st when she says Oooha, it has already 1 of a mistake to do during the competition. She did not portray the image of a beauty queen. And then when the emcee asked her what did she see herself in 5 years time, she answered by saying that she can see alot of people tonight. Obviously she didnt understand English and her asnwer during the actual question is a script. I found out later that the people incharge has adviced her to speak in BM as she is not good in English, but she refused. That's why she end up making fool of herself that night. Before the competition started, all the judges actually has met and see all the contestant closely to check their physical appearance especially their face, skin, height and the way they carry themselves. So there is no doubt that the judges has made a right decision. Janet Bennet is a beautiful local lady with all the needed requirements to win the title. Thats why she also won the miss voters favourite. Durin Edward is fair and lovely indeed. If you see her live and closely, you will definitely agree because she has the most beautiful skin. Her skin even has a very good tone from head to toe. And to answer your question about why miss wan noorasabila has won the 2nd runner up instead of Jennifer Carterina is beacause she is a beauty with brain. The judges were all amazed with the way she answer the question brilliantly. I even heard from SCV that she is now a professional diplomatic officer in government. A prove that the judges has made the right decision. I bet you were busy taking pictures that you did not really judge the pagents correctly.

brandon said...

Dear judge,

I admit that perhaps my opinions are more physically inclined rather than judging from the 'brains' of the contestants. And yes, as a casual photographer, I was " busy taking pictures". The comments are just my personal opinion.

I'd like to say several things about your statements -

1. I don't like a bumi to win the competition

I have no prejudice towards race. If a contestant is beautiful, whether she's Indian, Malay or Iban, I'll give that attribute to her. Simple.

2. Beauty with no brains

I guess you were shocked when she said Oooha. I find no offence in that. I pity her. Maybe her mistake is unintentional. But I do salute her for her boldness to do so.

Yes, Miss Wan noorasabila has brains, but she's not one of my favorites. Jennifer is, that's all. Perhaps that's why I'll never be a good judge for a beauty contest, and I'm a photographer instead.

Cheers, and have a nice day.


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