Monday, January 11, 2010

Edithvale beach

In the hot summer heat, its common for folks to head down to the beach and have some fun. A group of us drove to Edithvale in 3 cars and arrived there about 3pm in the afternoon.

The beach wasn't too crowded, offering everyone more than enough space to have their own activities.

We set up a small umbrella. Some preferred to sit down and play cards on the sand while others frolicked in the sea.

Its interesting to find beach houses at this place (I only thought they existed at Brighton). The beach houses are well used indeed.

I took out the 50-200 SWD and left it on my camera for the rest of the afternoon. It's a real gem, giving an equivalent focal length of 100-400mm, plus it doesn't feel that heavy.

While the effects of saltwater and sand would be a bane to most entry level DSLR systems, the Olympus E-3 excels by being one of the toughest weatherproof systems to date (along with weather-sealed lenses, of course).

Pets are usually allowed on the beach, as long as you clean up their mess that they leave behind!

Ah yes.. the wonderful bonding effect of sunbathing together as a family. If only my mom wasn't too afraid of getting a tan :s

I liked the geometric form of the houses, hence I composed it like wise in the viewfinder.

One of the first times I've seen tents being used at the beach to shield oneself from the sun. Hmm.. looks like I'd have to visit beaches more often!

One of my friends called this the love hut. I guess its address speaks for itself..

A decapitated jellyfish being washed ashore. 

Not sure what this is, but its supposedly fish eggs. Didn't expect them to be so large :s

Hope the rest of you are having a fun time at the beach this summer! 




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