Sunday, January 24, 2010

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Sometimes, it's easier to leave camera jargon behind, and to blog about something else closer to your heart

As they always say, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". We're created by the same God, live on the same Earth, but at [most] times, we  find each other a little hard to understand. As such, husbands at times always claim that they don't understand their wives, while girlfriends can say the same about boyfriends. Is it really that hard to understand each other, despite how advanced human civilisation is (and will be)?

Experts (or Dr. Love) claim that its not that hard to understand each other. For example, they say the common woman has certain traits that she looks for in a guy, like she...

1. Still believes in love at first sight. She has an ideal picture of Prince Charming riding on his white horse sweeping them off their feet and taking her to his castle. I guess in modern terms, that's Mr. Richie Rich arriving in his S-class Merc and taking her to his 20 bedroom mansion, or a penthouse overlooking Central Park. Her current mate may be 60-70% of her ideal guy, but something's always missing.

2. Is concerned about little details. They look and our shoes and fingernails to make sure they're clean. Little moments, like holding hands, hugging, kissing, may matter more than big expensive gifts. Receiving an email or phone call from someone she cares about makes her happy. Well, at least that's a relief to us guys who don't earn enough to buy a pair of Prada shoes or LV bags once a week!

3. Is passive and expects real men to lead the relationship. She likes it when the guy chooses the movie show, the restaurant, etc etc, provided he has good taste of course.

4. Likes surprises. She likes her real man to keep her on her toes and is creative enough introduce variety and changes. (I mean duh.. all of us like surprises to an extent, right?)

5. Has very difficult, critical periods. Oh yeah, my dad thought me well and told me about PMS a looong time ago. At times, she wishes everyone would go away and leave her alone, even brush off some people when she didn't intend to do so.

6. Likes to test men. It's like a circus. The trainer sets the hoops on fire and expects the lion to jump through it. After a guy proposes for a relationship or marriage, she makes him wait some time (or even for hours or days) for an answer. Sometimes, we men get tested too much. But hey, it happens in nature all the time. The strongest male who is able to fend off fierce competition gets the rights to his harem.

7. Is mildly critical of herself. She stands in front of her mirror, looking here and there for minor flaws and imperfections (even though she's one of the most beautiful creatures on earth). Hence a compliment or a smile can increase her self-esteem.

Despite us guys knowing all of this (and God forbid, memorize it), life doesn't get any simpler. It's as complicated as Facebook status updates. Andy is 'single'. Bridget is 'in an open relationship' with Ben. 'It's complicated' for Clarissa. These things change all the time. Hence, we need to understand the communication styles and emotional needs of each gender, and even tailor it to our specific spouses if we are to make the most of our relationships. And as M. Gandhi says - Where there is love, there is life.




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