Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photoshoot 21 Jan '10

Using the ideas which I expounded in my last post on natural light, I went on to photograph a very talented model at the Melbourne Convention Center this afternoon.

Even though we were under the shade, the amount of light reflected from the concrete was sufficient to fill in the shadows, hence the overall light tone.

The shape and angle of the columns were quite characteristic of the architecture of the Melbourne Exhibition Center, so we decided to use it to our advantage.

Moving inside the building, the amount of light flooding the building is still sufficient to act as a giant single directional soft box.

I thought this wall served as an interesting back drop. Enough light was still reaching inside the building, but an increase in ISO or decrease in shutter speed was necessary to attain the correct exposure.

Probably my favorite from the shoot. The yellow paint on the pavement imparts a very pleasing golden glow to the model's skin even though the day was generally cloudy and dull.

Changing into a final set of clothes to end the shoot.

Trying a higher angle to shoot the model. Again, enough light was reflected off the light surfaces of the bridge to minimise shadows.

Hope you've liked this series. You may view the rest of the album here.




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