Friday, July 09, 2010

Langkawi Bird Paradise

I managed to pay a visit to the Langkawi Bird Paradise which houses birds (duh!) and other creatures which are native to Malaysia.

This is a tiny and cute mouse deer. Although it is quite tiny, it can run around its enclosure pretty quickly, presumably in search of food.

This is a binturong, a large civet cat with a unique odour.

I help you, you help me :)

Some colourful little parakeets are located inside the bird enclosure.

Like the Melbourne zoo bird enclosure, they flutter around freely, and they'll land on your hand if you feed them.

A little quail. Some chinese restaurants serve it, but I find the quantity of meat quite paltry.

White peacock.

A colourful wild chicken.

The bird park is definitely worth a visit if you're unsure where to go in Langkawi.



Richard T said...

Great pictures Brandon, really nice to see the wildlife in Langkawi.

Are all the recent pictures you shot from your new Nikon set up? What lens do you use for close ups like these?

JS Chong said...

This "I help you, you help me" shot with great impact, nice!

brandon said...

Thanks Richard :)

Yes, I used the D3 with a 50mm at high ISOs to get sharp pictures as the higher shutter speeds reduce chances of motion blur.

redzuan said...

Warmest greeting from Langkawi WildLife Park - Bird Paradise.
Thanks a lot for visiting us during your holiday..
What a nice blog do you have and a very beautiful family. Thanks also for giving us a great impression about our place.
We are looking forward for your visit again next time.

have a nice day =)


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