Sunday, July 18, 2010

The people of Petaling Street

Robin and I joined David for some street shots today at Petaling Street.

But first.. a hearty breakfast of porridge and yu char kway. Tastes lovely indeed.

The chinese herbal tea was also quite refreshing to the palate.

David's weapon of choice - a Mamiya 645.

This fellow must have had a really long night.

Herbal tea for the ladies for general health and well being.

I know, I don't fancy those with WTF looks, but sometimes its inevitable that you capture some of these.

A fairly traditional entrance to a Chinese shop house. I'm sure it looks as authentic as it was 40 years ago.

Here's another local resident  - an Ayam serama. They make beautiful pets both indoors and outdoors.

A chinese clan house.

Paying respects at a small altar, a tradition that is still observed by many Malaysians today.

As one of my friends commented, this must be a pretty explosive meal. Otherwise he wouldn't have his helmet on !

Welcome to Birdwatching 101, Malaysian style. Pretty relaxing, isn't it?

According to Chinese tradition, if you keep birds in front of your house / business, you will be blessed with good luck. I don't care if this is true or not, but I pity the birds in that cage which are subject to such cramped and overcrowded conditions.

Next comes the flea market. You'd be advised to not purchase these items,because they were acquired using non legal means. They might have a huge LCD TV hidden in the alley somewhere, perhaps.

The drinks seller with his portable stall. You'll see plenty of these in the middle of town.

Among the items that gather most interest are handphones. They're obviously pre owned, and product warranties do not apply here.

This fellow wasn't too happy I took his picture. I'm starting to think that he has a part time job at night.

A customer shelling out the cash for a nice looking watch.

Someone selling pre owned shoes.

Its ironic that although a large sign tells vendors not to retail counterfeit items...

... you can still see so many of them in place. These perfumes could just be coloured water produced in Bangladesh or Vietnam.

Trolleys make it easy to transport your goods from one end of the street to the other.

Your typical roadside stall. The food here is pretty good I reckon - mostly noodles or porridge.

Tourists presumably waiting for their guide in front of the hotel.

Flowers and soft toys for the young at heart. The guy on the right must be pretty down for some reason.

As it gets later in the day, the street starts to get even more crowded.

Then its time for some beef noodles. Tastes pretty good, but I prefer to beef noodles from Kuching over the one here.

After that, we followed to old faithful to hit the streets back again.

Walnut vendor.

At times, those whom you might think are tourist aren't as long as you might think. Some of them are expatriates happily residing in Malaysia.

Lunch is prepared for the workers at the market.

Thank heavens... a butcher selling pork in down town KL ! Pork is so rare here, and expensive too..

A vendor packing large blocks of ice for coffee shops and dessert stalls.

And last but not least, what would a street shoot be without photographers?


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AnandaSim said...

Very happy to see you shooting in Petaling Street Brandon. I think the vendor is chestnut, not walnut.


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