Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mini trip to Petaling Street

Tom and Wendy are a fantastic couple from Belgium whom I met two years ago while we were visiting the caves in Bau. They recently came to KL to renew their work permit from Indonesia.

I made my way to Pasar Seni station using the RapidKL line. By the time I reached, it was already quite dark. Nonetheless, using 1600 ISO with a decent hand holdable shutter speed still enabled me to get some presentable images.

On the way to the Petaling Street, the large suspended roofs are easily visible. I last visited this street about 8 years ago. At that time, it was still pretty dirty and dingy with no roof coverings. There were lots of stalls selling pirated DVDs too, a haven those days as no one really could download movies off the internet.

Other than contraband pirated goods, you can visit the Chinese restaurants for a meal (they'll rip you off for sure) or just pop by the road side stalls for some local drinks and dessert.

All sorts of tourists visit this place with the hope of eyeing a cheap bargain (though the goods are obviously pirated in the first place, and its never a real bargain to begin with).

Tom and Wendy busy digging into the food. They operate a villa in North Bali which offers great facilities for an affordable price. You may view their website at http://www.villabaliamber.nl/nl/

The food and company were awesome. Thanks for being such great people to hang around with !


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keep your good work!:)


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