Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Petaling Jaya's neighbourhoods - the back alleys

Section 17 is a rather quiet neighbourhood. Nothing much goes on here, whether its during the day or night. I guess it creates a conducive environment for the University Malaya and UTAR (University Tunku Abd. Rahman) students to study.

Nonetheless, one has to be aware of several inconveniences for living in this neighbourhood. In the last 2 days, the electricity supply was abruptly disconnected thrice, while the water was out for several hours yesterday. When you open the taps again after the water line is continued, it turns out a murky brown colour, which is a wonderful testimony to the amount of rust exisiting in our 3 decade old pipes. Hmmm.. I guess I'm slowly subjecting myself to iron poisoning.

Such a relaxing hobby this is. Just sitting underneath a tree drinking Chinese tea while having a nice chat with your mates about money, politics and women.

This is your typical back alley for the homes in Petaling Jaya. The narrow road can accommodate two cars.

It's quite safe to park your car in the back alleys, as long as you don't mind that it *might be stolen or decimated one fine day for scrap metal. There are plenty of such examples around KL.

...Or in a more serious sense, incinerated, as this van shows.

This is quite a new van judging from the paint and wheel rims, but it has been incinerated beyond recognition into an unusable state.

It's a pitiful end for this van. Oh well...May it rest in peace.

Another low cost apartment nearer to the main street.

As always, our Malaysian culture is traditionally apathetic to littering unlike our friends over the causeway (Singapore).

Somehow, I feel the phrase on this sticker applies to the old car too.

It's highly advisable that you do not look at the way some restaurants wash their dishes before you eat your meal there. Just savor how tasty the dish tastes in your mouth... nothing more. You have been warned advised.

It's understandable that the space the flat isn't very large, hence some use the ''extra'' space on the roof to hog their junk and hang their clothes. Its just a matter of time before the roof structure collapses.

The local SS 17 market. It's not very hygienic, hence I haven't ventured inside yet.

Old British made cars are very hardy. There's hardly a spec of rust on its exterior. Try to compare its quality with a 10 year old Kancil which could fall apart anytime.

It's interesting how yesteryear's semi detached houses were 'connected' joining both balconies together. I can imagine my grandma having a good time chatting with the old aunty next door while hanging up the clothes.

This is one of SS 17's best kept secrets - cendol and Indian rojak. They operate everyday and pack up in the evenings.

You don't have to wait very long for your cendol, which is a good thing.

There you go.. your very own cendol for RM 1.30.

That's about it folks. Stay tuned for more authentic images of Petaling Jaya's neighbourhoods.




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