Thursday, July 08, 2010

Langkawi cable car

I was finally able to go up the cable car during my last trip to Langkawi. The service gets closed whenever there's the slightest trace of bad weather.

It's a pretty smooth ride. The cabin glides effortlessly as the wires are hoisted up Gunung Mat Cincang, a very tall mountain. It's not that cheap for the locals to get a ride at RM30 per ticket. Perhaps if you're Aussie, you won't mind because it only costs 10 dollars to you.

Looking back at Oriental Village, the view is indeed breathtaking with the blue skies and brightly shining sun.

As it was cloudy that day, the view gradually diminishes the higher up we went.

You can see the steep limestone cliffs over here being suspended amongst the clouds.

The first cable car station stop is in sight.

They build a timber platform with a funny UFO shelter on it for tourists to enjoy the view. I guess I'm considered a tourist even though I'm proudly Malaysian.

Nope, not much of a view from here. The air's a little chilly too, which is good to prevent us from sweating too much.

Taking the cable car from the second station to the peak of the mountain.

It's a kind of ethereal experience being up a mountain which is amongst the clouds. 20 years ago, I doubt many have had the opportunity to climb up this mountain so conveniently. Hundreds of dragon flies zip past you into the bamboo plants.

Making our way down back again. It's a pity the sky bridge is closed, but at least we could still have a glimpse at it on the way down.

Enjoying the view once more on the way down. Would've been much better without the steel cables in the frame.

World cup fever is on.

Not sure how much sales these shops make. They surely look pretty empty to me.

You can also spend some time to view the furry residents, such as this rabbit...

... and deer.



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