Saturday, October 13, 2007

Architects do it with models

I attended the Homo Faber model exhibition in the Melbourne Museum a few weeks ago. They were exploring the endless possibilities of models as a tool in the design process. Some of them were pretty awesome, like the ones below...

extruded from graphs and encased in clear perspex, this 3d model is a marvel in its own.

Columns formed using organic sources such as cells, and human bones

A study of enclosure for a house. So simple and elegant

Using toy soldiers to form a landscape.

A student's large scale balsa (wooden) model

My favorite - an enclosure in the shape of a flower bud, beautifully crafted in wood. They must have used laser technology for this.

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Anonymous said...

was gonna say the photo class photos are beautiful, but ur architecture models had me in awe too - ru


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