Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My day today

Whew, what a tiring day. Here are the moments:

1130am - Woke up - shit! the interview's at 12. Quickly cleaned up my portfolio by throwing the stuff I don't need, adding the stuff I need, dress up, and whack on some hair gel.

Lets sideline a bit :P

This is the gel/paste I use:
Garnier Fructis Style - Manga Head
Inspired by the wild, asymmetric styles found in Japanimation cartoons, Manga Head Explosive Goo will give your hair superhero powers. Delivers an ultra-strong, quick-dry hold.

How it works / How to use

Warm a little of the paste between your palms.
Spread your fingers when applying creating spikes.
Apply preferably onto dry or slightly damp hair.
Tease strands of hair into spikes using your fingers.

Funny, I don't feel any more Japanese by using the paste, but I can tell you, its a pretty good product!

12 noon - Managed to find the office at last. Had some small talk with the boss, and I introduced my work in my portfolio. He seemed to be quite pleased with my CV (I shall not divulge what I put in there just yet). I hope he doesn't get too nervous because I asked about the hourly wage. Now just waiting for the verdict in a few days time. If I don't get it, really sayang, cos the place is 5 mins walk from my house.

205pm - Reached office. Got the tape measure from my boss, and went to site. Its the basement of an exisiting building. This mainland Chinese bought it, and wants to convert the back to a recreational center (by encouraging ppl here to play pingpong) and the front to a shop selling golf equipment. I hope he made the right choice for the price he paid... Ppl here rather go to gyms, and if you're shops in a basement, its pretty hard to get publicity from the street / passersbys.

3.40pm - Reach office, and work on drawing up the plan of the building in CAD till 7pm.

You may ask, why do we have to draw up the plan of the building, surely there are some drawings available from the architect.Well my friends, that bldg is about 80 yrs old, and mr architect would have died long time ago. Thats why we have to redraw the building plan.

Thats all for now, its more work for tomoro. Cheers!

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Joycelyn said...

Few years ago, u still remember about ur little hair gel..but..times flies, and people tend to forget about his little hair gel anymore...


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