Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lat - my comic book hero

I can proudly say that my family owns Lat books which are at least 2 generations old (my dad owns some from the early 90s and late 80s. Its interesting to see that his books have made it to US stores, with the Kampung Boy publications (I'm asking like, why didn't they do it earlier?, I read the book 10 years ago!)
The cover of Kampung Boy as it is released in US (The covers change all the time)
Some excerpts:The titles that I have (as far as I can remember) are:

  • The Kampung Boy
  • Entahlah Mak …
  • It’s A Lat Lat Lat Lat World
  • Kampung Boy: Yesterday and Today
  • Lat as Usual
  • Lat at Large
  • Lat’s Lot
  • Lots More Lat
  • Town Boy
  • With a Little Bit of Lat
  • Be Serious Lat
  • Better Lat Than Never
  • Lat and Gang
  • Lat and His Lot Again
  • Lat Gets Lost
  • Lat was Here
  • Lat with a Punch
wow...almost the whole collection! :P. Good for reading in toilets. Sometimes, I can spend almost an hour in there just reading the comics!

These are his early style drawings which rose him to fame:

I also like the short clips he puts in the tabloids / papers:
Heck, he even gets his comics printed on Airasia planes!
I'll end with this clip :
-Lets be true friends forever-




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