Sunday, October 28, 2007

My CPU specs

Seems like my desktop is already maxed out to its capacity:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo e6400 @ 2.13 ghz
  • 4 x 1gb Kingston RAM DDR2 667 (Bought 2x1gb before the price drop, the rest was bought from MSY Boxhill) . Too bad Windows XP only recognizes 3.25 gb instead of the whole thing, nothing you can do about it unless u change to windows vista

  • HIS X1950 PRO IceQ 3 Turbo 256MB PCIe with Zalman HIgh Performance VGA Cooler

  • Intel DP965LT motherboard

  • 160 Gb WD harddisk
  • ICute casing w/ 450w psu
  • 19"ACER LCD Widescreen
Total cost spent: RM 4800 (approx)

Recommendations anyone?

1 Comment:

Timothy said...

Just to clear up any myths: it is your motherboard that cannot see the full 4GB, not XP. With 32-bit addressing, most x86 computers can only register 4294967296 registers (aka 4GB). But there is some overhead(about 600MB) for the registers, hence you wouldn't get the full 4GB, and Vista has reduced the overhead, but I doubt you'll ever get the full 4GB.

I suppose its not much when you're doing graphics editing, but I find that 3GB is heaps for XP.

Mobo, HDD, screen wise, I have nothing to say. Love you GC through.


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