Thursday, October 21, 2010


In my line of work, I'm exposed to many cameras.

These are our workhorse cameras. They're full frame beasts which are very durable and capable, and are meant to be reliable precision tools for the jobs that we do.

*Note the very shallow depth of field enabled by using the Nikon 85/1.4D. Some say the new AF-S version is on par with Samyang's manual focus 85/1.4. Surprisingly for a 3rd of its price, it looks pretty good.

I had the chance to hang out with two David's yesterday. Each had Olympus' pioneer cameras. The E-1 was the first camera to be launched in the 43rd format, while the EP-1 was Olympus' first micro 43rds camera.

It has a very retro look similar to film cameras of old. It's metal chassis looks great too.

Look how small screens were in yesteryears DSLRs. Nope , it wasn't a time for pixel peeping, so I guess you're in a sense forced to use more time to shoot rather than chimp. Oh well..

This is a classic Minox Leica M3 digital camera with a 5 MP sensor and a prime lens. It's body is made from well crafted steel.

To recharge the camera, simply insert the plug into the camera body.

The Minox fits your hand very nicely. It's very light and portable too.

The monster and the little baby.

Last but not least, trashed cameras. This was a disposal camera, but the customer told us to rip it apart for the sake of acquiring the battery inside the camera body.

Such a sorry sight. I feel pitiful for it.

Have a good evening everyone



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