Friday, October 22, 2010

Night shooting in KL

A friend called me up yesterday and asked if I wanted to join him to do some shooting because he also had an E-5 review unit. I agreed and we headed to the pasar seni lrt station.

A view of KL's river. Now its nothing more than a large drain IMO.

*Note to self.. I shall always clean my sensor before doing long exposures.

All these images were taken using the awesome Tamron 28-75  lens.

China town was a little deserted once we got there. Its the weekday after all.

There are heaps of fruit sellers around here. I myself wondered if fruits were that popular at all, but it seems that they are.

Chinese herbal drink stall. Quite refreshing.

Mobile drinks stalls are also in abundance here.

Somehow tourists like to sit in the sweltering hot weather and have our expensive local beer. On the contrary, we will try to visit an airconditioned restaurant as much as possible to escape the heat.

Heaps of tourists here.

Pork burger - the cheaper version.

Amidst all the vibrancy of Petaling street, we can choose to turn a blind eye to other things, such as this uncle collecting recyclables from rubbish bins.

Restaurants and backpacker hostels are quite common nowadays.


Lonely uncle eating supper

Making our way to masjid jamek LRT station.

Road side mamak stall.

 Taxis and buses operate late into the night in central KL.

 I'm not sure why they choose purple lights to illuminate the Sultan Abdul Samad building. I still prefer the orange lights that they used previously though.

 Lots of people gather at the padang surprisingly at night.

 Shooting stars with Olympus' new f1 lens :p

That's about it folks. Thank God its Friday :)

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JS Chong said...

I wonder why the direction of the green arrow of the traffic light is up side down (cast in the air) in this shot:


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