Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Langkawi in October

I'm currently taking a short break at the moment in Langkawi to celebrate my birthday. Not too wordy this time, just some pictures and short descriptions.

We chose to go to Tapas, a Spanish restaurant located at Harbor Park. It had quite a nice ambiance to it, with plenty of candle lit bottles, timber chairs, etc.

Of course, such a wonderful occasion shouldn't be celebrated alone, so I brought along someone very special with me :)

 They had a promotion on the Sangria drink, so I ordered one out of curiosity. Its basically a fruit juice cocktail with some vodka added to it. Got a little tipsy after finishing 3/4 of the jug a little while later.

 Chicken chops with fries. Nothing really spectacular about it, but it tastes decent albeit at a princely price of RM 26 :s

 She had a bluefin tuna steak with potatoes. The food certainly looks more tempting with a sweet smile.

 And to finish the sumptuous dinner, a small slice of banana cake.

This place is definitely not that cheap for the everyday Malaysian, but its definitely worth a try for those who're into spanish and western cuisines.




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