Friday, March 20, 2009

35-100 does fashion shows and gigs

I was invited by a friend to attend a gig at Miss Libertine's on Franklin St last Wednesday.

Since I know nothing about the gig in the first place, this is what is stated as by the organisers.

Full Valve Ent is happy to celebrate the 6th consecutive installment of 'The Limelight' @ Miss Libertine with a special tribute to female artists with 'Ladies Night Out' on the 18th March 2009.

'The Limelight' @ Miss Libertine is now a monthly Acoustic Live Music event featuring both aspiring and seasoned acts

'The Limelight' @ Miss Libertine 18th MAR2009 will headline:

- For her first appearance @ The Limelight Shana Sound
- Our favourite songbird Asami Koike

...with returning artists:

- Clara Rhoden and Caleen Chua

FVE's 'The Limelight'
Ms Libertine (34 Franklin St, Melb)
18th March 2009

From a photographic perspective, only some dim stage lights were provided for, so nothing less than the fastest lenses would do for this job. ISO was bumped up to stratospherical levels, hence noise, reduced dynamic range and tones.

Camera phones are definitely not suited for this job!

Enough of my blabbering. Now on to the artists!

Caroline Gale

Tee, whom I've just photographed a few days ago.

Carmen on vocals with Grace on the guitar

Favorite song bird for the night, Asami Koike

with Zack on the guitar

Clara Rhoden imparted a distinct Christian message in her performance.

This week is the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. I can't believe that I missed so many free fashion shows in the city. I need to sap them up before they're gone!

Since there was one being held at the City Square (corner Swanston & Collins) yesterday, I rushed there to hopefully get some shots of this year's winter collection.

All shots were taken with the Zuiko 35-100 lens at f2, with my FL50 set at super FP TTL flash

the red hat and funky necklace just complete the scene. chic!

It was a very well presented show, with a DJ around to play some great runway music

want my guitar?

This particular model is my favourite. She looks good no matter what is put on her, and her pose is great.

Simple and white is also good

I like lacey stuff too.

Now back to the ordinary at Neil's dinner.

We celebrated Aaron's birthday today.

I made a more deliberate attempt with my bounce flash today to make the bounce more directional.




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